For the well-being of your eyesight, you should always wear sunglasses. Find out how to choose the shape, materials and treatment of sunglasses.


Often conceived as a mere aesthetic accessory, sunglasses are chosen to complete a look. Some people use them to hide that veil of shyness and embarrassment they feel when talking to other individuals. Still others, however, to "set a tone".


In reality, sunglasses are first and foremost a necessity for the well-being of the eye and sight: everyone, from children to the elderly, from those with light eyes to those with dark eyes, should wear sunglasses, because they represent the most valid ally against the sun's UV rays, which, if they penetrate the eye, could lead to serious consequences.


There is various damage that the amount of sun and more or less prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause to the eyes and which are often underestimated:


  • Dry eyes, with burning, possible pain and blurred vision, perception of having a foreign body in the eye;
  • Conjunctivitis, with associated swelling and redness of the eye;
  • Keratitis: difficulty opening the eyes due to prolonged sun exposure of the eye, which dries out;
  • Cataract, which is actually the leading cause of blindness globally.


Here are four main reasons to always wear sunglasses, even in winter:


1. To avoid or prevent any damage described above, but also irritation and pain caused by sand, wind, snow reflection;

2. To keep your eyes healthy by choosing quality glasses;

3. For protection following eye surgery;

4. For comfortable viewing without annoying reflections or glare.

How to choose your sunglasses

Our advice is not to be fooled by sensational online offers or low prices, often a price that is too low corresponds to poor, if not very poor quality:


  • lenses;
  • some materials;
  • of anti-reflection treatments.


Furthermore, when choosing a pair of sunglasses it is essential to make sure that the CE mark is present on the temple, to guarantee the certified quality of the product.


From an aesthetic point of view, which is obviously subjective, there are many colors of frames available on the market, as well as shapes, to choose according to the features of your face:


  • butterfly;
  • rectangular;
  • hexagonal;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • asymmetrical


From a functional point of view, however, when you decide to buy a pair of sunglasses, you need to evaluate whether it is worth opting for:


  • polarized sunglasses: reduce glare and are excellent for outdoor life;
  • colored lenses that improve contrast: designed especially for athletes, they are lenses capable of effectively reducing the light of certain wavelengths, maximizing contrast sensitivity. Fashionable colours, on the other hand, will be appreciated above all by fashionable people;
  • mirrored lenses: reflect light from the lens surface, reducing glare. They are loved by those who want to hide their gaze behind glasses and represent a glamorous accessory in all respects.


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article by: hoyavision